MUF Real-Time Juliusruh Ionosonde Data

foF2 =The ordinary wave critical frequency of the highest stratification in the F region
foF1 = The ordinary wave F1 critical frequency
foE = The ordinary wave critical frequency of the lowest thick layer which causes a discontinuity
fxI = The top frequency of spread F traces
foEs = The highest ordinary wave frequency at which a mainly continuous Es trace is observed
fmin = The lowest frequency at which echo traces are observed on the ionogram 

MUF(D) = The standard transmission curve for 3000 km
M(D) = The maximum usable frequency at a defined distance divided by the critical frequency of that layer

h'F  = The minimum virtual height of the ordinary wave trace taken as a whole
h'F2 = The minimum virtual height of the ordinary wave trace for the highest stable stratification in the F region
h'E = The minimum virtual height of the normal E layer trace
h'Es = The minimum height of the trace used to give foEs

hmF2 = peak height, truncated
hmF1 = peak height
hmE = peak height 
yF2 = Parabolic F2 layer semi-thickness 
yF1 = Parabolic F1 layer semi-thickness
yE = Parabolic E layer semi-thickness 
B0 = Coefficient A0, truncated to integer km
B1 = IRI Profile Shape parameter

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VOACAP Quick Guide: HF Propagation Prediction and Ionospheric Communications Analysis

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